Pauls Custom Shutters

Feature Benefits of Paul's Custom Shutters

WOOD FAS grade Linden (Bass) for all component parts except Control Rods which are Select and Better grade Tulip tree (poplar). Tulip is stiffer which is important to minimize flex in the control rod and holds the staples better which is mainly a concern on the control rod due to the shorter length of the staple in the control rod. Linden is lighter than Tulip which is also a benefit in a carefully designed installation.

LOUVERS FAS grade Linden. Very important is the milling process. We mill ours from a solid piece of 4-quarter stock (meaning a 1" thick piece of wood yields one length of louver). Most companies save money by using split 5-quarter (Meaning a 1 1/4" thick piece of wood cut into two 9/16" thin pieces yielding two louvers for almost the price of one.) Our method provides much thicker and straighter louvers. The split 5-quarter method generates many thin warped and twisted louvers which can only be utilized by blending them together with other louvers of similar shape in a single panel rendering the defect less noticeable. Also many very warped louvers are discarded using the split 5-quarter method which is wasteful.

RAILS & STILES Full 1 1/8" stock thickness (15/16" is industry standard). Stiles are 1 1/8"x2 1/4" (15/16" x 1 15/16" is industry standard). Rails are custom sized for each opening as they relate to each other and/or size and proportion of panel dimensions.

JOINERY Each rail/stile joint is created using the latest double biscuit joining method, lots of water proof glue and reinforced with two 3" long zinc plated wood deck screws. Obvious paint crack concerns completely eliminated. (Production tenon joint with staples or dowel construction without reinforcement screws is industry standard, risking joint cracks over time.)

HARDWARE Heavy gage 3" tall hanging hinges, 2 1/2" tall heavy gage inner panel hinges with 1" screws. (Light gage 2 1/2" hanging and inner panel hinges with 5/8" screws is industry standard, risking install sag over time.) We also have aselection of our different shutter catches to suit any type of install.

FINISH 100% Environmentally safer Acrylic Polymer water base finish with 80% fewer VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) content then lacquer paint. (Industry standard is lacquer which is a known carcinogen, depletes the ozone and AQMD has been trying to outlaw for over 10 years.) Lacquer is not only 40% cheaper to buy but cheaper to apply. However lacquer yellows within 6 months and has a tendency to crack. Very stinky too. Our finish has 1 sealer coat, 6 prime coats, 6 top coats with 3 sanding stages between. Our finish is twice as heavy as the industry standard which is why all the grain is filled to create a furniture quality finish appearance.

INSTALLATION All installation carried out by English speaking staff installers, bonded and insured. (Industry standard, unlicensed, uninsured contract installers.)

MAINTENANCE KIT Includes lambs wool duster, screw driver for louver tension device. Can of environmentally safer touch up paint, paint brush, cloth for cleaning. Comes in handy storage case. (Industry standard is simply a small can of toxic lacquer touch up paint.

WARRANTY Lifetime warranty on construction, installation and finish. (Lifetime defined as: "As long as you own your home and live there.") Non transferrable and void on rental, commercial properties or if product has been removed from original mount temporarily or otherwise. Also void if exposed to moisture. Covers warping, cracking, splitting, sagging and staples. Warranty does not imply your shutters will look new for a lifetime only that they will age gracefully under normal wear and tear. Shutters must appear to have been regularly cleaned. We recommended "Murphy's Oil Soap - Spray Solution" applied with a soft cloth to preserve the finish.

Pauls Custom Shutters
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